GWDM is the largest student-run philanthropy at the George Washington University, in only our sixth year. We are a year-round movement benefiting Children’s National Health System, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Every dollar we raise goes directly to local patients and families. GWDM has the privilege of raising funds to care for these children in our local community. We pride ourselves on our substantial campus and community growth, uniting hundreds of students for this amazing cause in the five years since we began at GW.

As we move forward, we continue to focus on the notion that every single day, we are helping to make a difference in the lives of local kids. We are one generation fighting for the next. Simply stated, we stand for those who can’t; we are For the Kids.

$127,682.43 Raised at GWDM in 2018
Over 500 participants at the event, and rapidly growing
$505,818.31 Cumulatively raised since our start!

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The Dance Marathon movement hit The George Washington University in the fall of 2013. In high school, Libby Wuller ran her own mini-marathon during high school for local charities after watching friends participate in Dance Marathon at Oklahoma State University. She saw that Dance Marathon had the power not only to save lives at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, but to change forever the hearts of the students who danced. In her first days at GW, Libby convinced a small group of friends to buy into a crazy idea-- that they could change the culture of philanthropy at GW.

With a one-thousand dollar sponsorship cheque from the Student Association (an unprecedented amount for a first-year organization), many long nights on the third floor of the Marvin Center, and a dedicated team, Dance Marathon was able to raise over $36,000 in its first year for Children’s National. With help from most of the original Steering team, DM decided to double everything in year two: the size of the committee, the amount of dancers registered, and most importantly, the amount of money raised. Over the course of years two and three, GW Dance Marathon became a top-40 national Dance Marathon program and the largest fundraiser ever on campus.

In our founding years, the GW Dance Marathon team dedicated ourselves to raising money and changing philanthropic culture, principles which remain the core of our operation.


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Students dance for 12 hours for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

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GW Dance Marathon raised over $144,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in its fourth year on campus.
The 12-hour dance marathon is the culminating event of the year-long fundraiser.
This year GW Dance Marathon just fell short of its $150,000 fundraising goal, but surpassed last year’s fundraising by $24,000, according to the group’s Facebook page.

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First GW Dance Marathon stands still

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The party is usually dying down by 3 a.m. in Foggy Bottom. But inside Lerner Health and Wellness center, GW’s first annual Dance Marathon had just wrapped up. The Dance Marathon’s 11 executive board members, wearing fanny packs and neon accessories, excitedly held up posters announcing the total proceeds the event raised for the Children’s National Hospital: $36,624.18.

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Donations to Dance Marathon exceed $75,000 goal

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GW Dance Marathon brought in more than $77,000 after months of fundraising and a 12-hour event Saturday during which students had to always stay on their feet.
Committee members surpassed their goal to double last year’s donation and participation totals, raising $77,402.38, compared to last year’s about $36,000. The fundraiser, which is popular on college campuses across the country and started at GW last year, benefited the Children’s National Health System in D.C.